EMPOWERU Wins The Global Youth Service Day Grant!

GYSD WinnerMore big news. On April 17-19, 2015 the annual Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) was held around the world and right here in Sarasota. This is the largest service event in the world. Community Youth Development (CYD) is the local sponsoring agency for this event, receiving and judging many worthy and impressive service projects from applicants who are making positive changes in their community.

I entered my EMPOWER U pledge drive project, which got over 200 students throughout Sarasota to take the pledge at empowerusrq.com and take a stand against sexual assault. I was so happy and surprised that I won. I plan to enter again next year. This is such a great opportunity for kids like me to be able to give back to our community. And, my school gets to keep the trophy for one year!

EU CYD and GYSD Logos


Key Club Service Organization Chooses My T-Shirt Design

The theme was Broadway…did they know how obsessed I am with Broadway?! I entered my design inspired by “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” I won! Here I am posing with one of my best friends in my winning design. Woo hoo!

Key Club T-shirt

EMPOWERU Is My Local Solution To A Global Problem

EmpowerU_logo_colorI have been working really hard to form a new program supported by CYD that is set to launch on April 13, 2015 throughout Sarasota County. I am so excited! EMPOWERU is an idea that started in my mom’s car. She had National Public Radio on in the background; they were doing a story on sexual assault. I was shocked to hear the statistic that 1 out of every 5 girls on a college campus will be a victim of sexual assault. I wondered…could this be true? I went online and learned a lot about sexual assault. It made me feel even worse. Then, I got to thinking, these weren’t just numbers – it was me, my friends, and thousands of other innocent people – girls and boys. 107 cases were reported in Sarasota County in 2013. Then I learned that 68% don’t report the crime. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something to help put an end to sexual assault. So, after meeting with my parents, the concept for EMPOWER U was born, and I haven’t looked back since.

I have been working with CYD and my Ambassadors (2 kids from each high school) to prepare for a pledge drive the week of April 13th. The goal is to get as many kids as possible to go to the website and take the pledge to take a stand against sexual assault. Then in the fall I’ll be reaching out to everyone who took the pledge to share a newsletter, social media, and a self-defense workshop with them.

I purposely named my program EMPOWERU because in the future I want to be able to address many more topics that are important to teenagers like drugs, suicide, teen pregnancy, etc., to empower them to be safe and have the best life possible. For now, I’m taking on sexual assault. I want everyone reading this blog to take the pledge. Click on the Take The Pledge icon below or log on to http://www.empowerusrq.com and do your part by taking the pledge. You can also follow my EMPOWERU blog at http://www.empowerusrq.wordpress.com.

empower u take pledge - social media

I’m Doing The Global Youth Service Day Logo Design Again!

CYD contacted me awhile back, asking me if I’d like to do the design for the t-shirts, posters, etc., for Global Youth Service day again this year. Uh, yeah! This year’s theme is the environment. I am attaching both of the designs I created.

I am so excited to report that they loved both designs and decided to use them both this year. I can’t wait to see them on all of the promotions. It is so amazing to see something I drew on someone else’s t-shirt they are wearing!!!

Ok, drumroll, please…here are the 2 winning designs!


Plug In To Green

Think Good Thoughts…Do Good Deeds

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in so long. Freshman year has been keeping me very busy. And, I’m doing the STAR program with Community Youth Development. But, I’ve still been making pillows for Center For Building Hope. And, I just completed my design of my good thoughts bracelets for little girls suffering from cancer. Just a little something to remind them to stay happy.

I’ve also been working with Anna to learn how to make a baby quilt from beginning to end. Once I’m good enough, I’ll be making quilts for babies in the NICU.

Here are my new bracelets.

Minnah's Bracelets

And The Winner Is…

The runway show was so much fun. Congratulations to the winners and their beautiful dresses! I didn’t place in the top three, but I did win the Most Creative award. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next year. I can’t wait!


Cinderella Hard At Work

Thought you may enjoy seeing some photos of me working on my dress. The dress began full length with a cream lace overlay and pouffy sleeves. A major disaster! I removed all of the lace, shortened the length, took in the waist and back, made it strapless, and then added satin ribbon in a random grid design. I was pleased with the end result. Oh, and a HUGE thanks to my model Yinlu who is beautiful inside and out!

Minnah Stein before picture

work Minnah





Cinderella Project Runway 2014

This is a new organization I’m involved with. For the past two years Every Child, Inc. has sponsored Cinderella Project Runway. This is an opportunity for girls (like me!) to test their designer skills and turn a dud of a dress into a unique and gorgeous creation. The dresses are then donated to girls who can’t afford to purchase a prom dress on their own. I had a lot of fun and learned that fashion design is a lot harder than it looks.

The fashion runway show is this Saturday. Everyone is invited!


No Hate…Just Meditate

Just me meditating on how proud I am of this t-shirt. (CYD asked me to design the logo for the Global Youth Service Day. This is the design they chose.) The only thing I like more than wearing this t-shirt is seeing OTHER people wearing it. So awesome!