I’m Headed Back to Nationals This Year

I’ll be heading to Alabama soon to compete in the National Speech & Debate tournament again this year. I am so excited! Here’s an article that ran in Pine Views last year that I never posted. It gives you some additional information on the tournament. Wish me luck!


Minnah Stein Awarded the Pine View Principal’s “Sharing of Gifts” Award

Osprey, FL – On May 23, 2016, Dr. Stephen Covert took to the Pine View auditorium stage to announce the recipients of his Sharing of Gifts award given to one high school student in each grade. In recognition of her fierce determination to make a difference by giving back through her extensive community involvement and national volunteer efforts, sophomore Minnah Stein was a deserving recipient of this distinguished Pine View award.


I Designed This Year’s GYSD Logo

CYD contacted me awhile back to see if I’d like to do the design for the t-shirts, posters, etc., for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) for the third year in a row. I was honored and immediately started working on two new designs.

GYSD is the world’s largest day of service. This year’s theme is disabilities. I am attaching both of the designs for you to see.

They ended up choosing “Don’t Dis My Abilities,” which made me super happy because that one was my favorite. I’m also attaching a photo of some of the individuals from an organization we will be helping at GYSD. Judging from their huge smiles and numerous thumbs up, I think they like it! That’s a really great feeling!

Final Design joining_tshirt.jpgJPG Final Design block_tshirt copy.jpg

Don't Dis.jpeg


Minnah Stein Awarded Pine View’s 212 Award


At 211˚ water is hot. At 212˚ water boils to produce steam. With steam you can power a train. One degree makes all the difference. The purpose of Pine View’s 212˚ philosophy is to create a level of awareness and accountability that inspires and challenges all of us to try harder, give more, and (ultimately) to enjoy more. Our 212˚ Wall of Fame recipients do just that.

Nominations are received from grade level and/or classroom teachers. One student from each grade is selected to receive the award. This recognition may highlight Moral Character (Citizenship, Gratitude, Kindness, Responsibility, Honesty, Respect, or Good Sportsmanship) or Performance Character (Personal Improvement, Risk-taking, Diligence, Independent Learning, or Enthusiasm).

Students may be recognized for a specific action or for demonstrating the 212 Every Day-Every Way spirit.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.06.58 AM

(This article has been adapted from the February 2016 issue of Pine Views. Other recipients were omitted to protect their privacy.)


And The Winner Is…

I recently attended my second speech and debate tournament in Palm Harbor. This time I was way less nervous; however, I was still shocked when they called my name for first place!

UPDATE: June 2016 – I finished my first year of speech and debate in humorous interpretation with two first-place wins and three second-place wins. And, I qualified to go to nationals in Salt Lake City, which was an amazing experience.

Palm Harbor Nov 2015 group shot copy

Palm Harbor Nov 2015 - 1st Place

EMPOWERU Wins The Global Youth Service Day Grant!

GYSD WinnerMore big news. On April 17-19, 2015 the annual Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) was held around the world and right here in Sarasota. This is the largest service event in the world. Community Youth Development (CYD) is the local sponsoring agency for this event, receiving and judging many worthy and impressive service projects from applicants who are making positive changes in their community.

I entered my EMPOWER U pledge drive project, which got over 200 students throughout Sarasota to take the pledge at empowerusrq.com and take a stand against sexual assault. I was so happy and surprised that I won. I plan to enter again next year. This is such a great opportunity for kids like me to be able to give back to our community. And, my school gets to keep the trophy for one year!

EU CYD and GYSD Logos

I’m Doing The Global Youth Service Day Logo Design Again!

CYD contacted me awhile back, asking me if I’d like to do the design for the t-shirts, posters, etc., for Global Youth Service day again this year. Uh, yeah! This year’s theme is the environment. I am attaching both of the designs I created.

I am so excited to report that they loved both designs and decided to use them both this year. I can’t wait to see them on all of the promotions. It is so amazing to see something I drew on someone else’s t-shirt they are wearing!!!

Ok, drumroll, please…here are the 2 winning designs!


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