I Designed This Year’s GYSD Logo

CYD contacted me awhile back to see if I’d like to do the design for the t-shirts, posters, etc., for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) for the third year in a row. I was honored and immediately started working on two new designs.

GYSD is the world’s largest day of service. This year’s theme is disabilities. I am attaching both of the designs for you to see.

They ended up choosing “Don’t Dis My Abilities,” which made me super happy because that one was my favorite. I’m also attaching a photo of some of the individuals from an organization we will be helping at GYSD. Judging from their huge smiles and numerous thumbs up, I think they like it! That’s a really great feeling!

Final Design joining_tshirt.jpgJPG Final Design block_tshirt copy.jpg

Don't Dis.jpeg