Minnah Stein Awarded Pine View’s 212 Award


At 211˚ water is hot. At 212˚ water boils to produce steam. With steam you can power a train. One degree makes all the difference. The purpose of Pine View’s 212˚ philosophy is to create a level of awareness and accountability that inspires and challenges all of us to try harder, give more, and (ultimately) to enjoy more. Our 212˚ Wall of Fame recipients do just that.

Nominations are received from grade level and/or classroom teachers. One student from each grade is selected to receive the award. This recognition may highlight Moral Character (Citizenship, Gratitude, Kindness, Responsibility, Honesty, Respect, or Good Sportsmanship) or Performance Character (Personal Improvement, Risk-taking, Diligence, Independent Learning, or Enthusiasm).

Students may be recognized for a specific action or for demonstrating the 212 Every Day-Every Way spirit.

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(This article has been adapted from the February 2016 issue of Pine Views. Other recipients were omitted to protect their privacy.)